First Class hotels are are city central or resort location hotels with a rating of 4.0 to 4.5 stars. All hotels at this level have excellent facilities like restaurants, bar, WiFi & many have swimming pool, in-room dining and spa bath.


Superior Hotel

Superior hotels are 3.5 to 4.0 star category. Most of them are centrally located and offer excellent services including a restaurant on-site, mini-bar and WiFi. Different category of rooms are available as per requirement.


Standard Hotel

Standard hotels is equivalent to a good 3-star tourist hotel or Motel. Deliver a broad range of amenities that exceeds above-average accommodation needs. Good quality of services. They offer an excellent value for money.




We are delighted to offer a range of Motor homes. Maui, Britz & Jucy offers a variety of those. Weather you are looking for a Luxury Maui or a lower budget Britz or Jucy motorhome, team at Vyom Journeys will be more than happy to assist you in booking the right one for you.


Vyom Journeys works with intentionally recognized brands like Hertz and Europcar car rentals. These companies have branches located throughout New Zealand for your convenience.


Vyom Journeys uses the terms First Class, Superior class & Standard Category to describe the category of accommodation available to choose from, according to your requirements, budget or preferences.


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